This is the home page for The 13th Hour, a game made by let-off studios.

If the CURSOR/ARROW KEYS do not seem to respond, be sure to click inside the game window. Instructions are in the game as well as below the game window.

You are trying to escape another world. To do so, you must collect six pieces of a strange pocket watch that initially somehow sent you there.

Use the CURSOR KEYS to move throughout the map. You will notice that the walls surrounding you will be shifting to different positions. This changes the path you must take to collect the pieces.

All menus can be accessed and manipulated via the CURSOR/ARROW KEYS and either the SPACE BAR or the ENTER KEY.

Avoid the RED SPIRITS. If they touch you too many times, you will die.

Collect the WATCH PIECES and move to the EXIT before time runs out, or you will be lost there forever.

The 13th Hour was created for The TDC Scrolls project, part of The Daily Click.

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screen shot - The 13th Hour