NEBULA FORCE. Copyleft 2011 let-off studios.
If the entire game window is not showing, hold down CTRL and press the + KEY until it does.

To download the stand-alone version of Nebula Force, so you can play without being connected to the Internet, click here.

Additional instructions are below.

Click on the game window below to set the web browser's focus.


Use your mouse to click on the arrow next to the artist signature panel.

Use the mouse and keyboard to control. At the title screen, click on a button to begin a game in that particular game mode:
ACTION: blast enemies and upgrade your ship in an endless, ever-more-difficult space arena.
TARGET: practice your accuracy and advance at your own pace in a challenging (and eye-catching) targeting environment.

Move your ship using either the WASD or ARROW keys. Aim with the mouse cursor, and shoot your primary weapon by clicking and/or holding down MOUSE BUTTON 1.
In ACTION mode, you can upgrade your ship after collecting POWERUPS. A blinking icon at the center of the radial menu will let you know when powerups are available. Click on the pictures along the right-hand side of the screen to do the following (listed clockwise from top):
REPAIR SHIP: remove all damage from the ship
FIRE RATE: increase the speed that bullets are fired when holding down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.
SPECIAL WEAPON: releases timed mines that explode in a radius around the ship, destroying any enemies in their blast radius and earning the player bonus points for each destroyed target.
SPEED: moves the player ship faster.
WEAPON DAMAGE: Increases the amount of damage ship projectiles cause per hit.
RANGE: how far the ship's bullets go before de-energizing.

In TARGET mode, controls are similar to ACTION mode. Wave the mouse pointer across the "READY!" label to begin launching targets. More targets will come out as the game progresses, until you make it to Stage 20. Missing too many targets (or having them bounced out of bounds) will end the game quicker.