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I've designed a number of tabletop games: throw dice, flip over or play cards from your hand, etc. You can have a look at some of them here. Most of them are print-and-play games, while others require common components like a handful of dice from other games or a deck of classic playing cards.

Click on the titles to download and play some of them, and then let me know what you think...!

Solo game (a game for one player only). I actually won a contest with this entry. It's a card-based journaling game about being a tattoo artist. You will need a deck of classic playing cards to play this game. Other than that, print out the player sheets and instructions, grab something to write with, and have fun!
(Note: to download this game, you must pay US$2.49. Charging money for the game once complete was integrated into the contest.)

2 to 4 players. A game about making hard choices about what you will rescue when a planet is disappearing one piece at a time. I plan on revising this game's scoring system. Stay tuned...

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