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I'm a hobby game developer and have made a number of video games over the years. Most of the time, I've used Clickteam Fusion to create them. I don't need to know a computer programming language to make a fun game.

Click on a game title to play and/or learn more. Games are either intended for MS Windows computers or are HTML 5 games, playable in a modern web browser. If the HTML5 games are lagging, then... stop using Firefox and use a different web browser.

2720: The Last Mouse on Earth (windows)
Probably my favourite long-form game I've ever made. A story-based platform adventure game playable in about 20 minutes.
screenshot from 2720 Last Mouse on Earth

Flappy Doom (html5)
My take on combining Flappy Bird with Doom. Surprisingly enjoyable.
screen shot from Flappy Doom

Spidarena (windows)
Twin-stick retro shooter. I made this as part of a "Secret Santa video game exchange" event.
screen shot from Spidarena

Weekend at Chompface's (html5)
An action puzzler where you play the part of a ghost in a Pac Man game. I love this one.
screen shot from Weekend at Chompface's

Estelle (html5)
A simple mouse-in-a-maze game that I find strangely novel and addicting.
screen shot from Estelle

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