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I'm a hobby game developer and have made a number of video games over the years.
Most of the time, I've used Clickteam Fusion to create them. I don't need to know a computer programming language to make a fun game.
Games are either intended for MS Windows computers or are HTML 5 games, playable in a modern web browser. If the HTML5 games are lagging, then... stop using Firefox and use a different web browser.

Click on a game title to play and/or learn more.

2720: The Last Mouse on Earth (windows)
Probably my favourite long-form game I've ever made. A story-based platform adventure game playable in about 20 minutes.

Flappy Doom (html5)
My take on combining Flappy Bird with Doom. Surprisingly enjoyable.

Spidarena (windows)
Twin-stick retro shooter. I made this as part of a "Secret Santa video game exchange" event.

Weekend at Chompface's (html5)
An action puzzler where you play the part of a ghost in a Pac Man game. I love this one.

Estelle (html5)
A simple mouse-in-a-maze game that I find strangely novel and addicting.

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