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The home page of Stephen B. Thomas.

Formerly, I served at a non-profit employment center for nearly 14 years, where I helped people train for and find work. My specialties included classroom facilitation (I was teaching adults) and curriculum development. I'm particularly proud of my CDL Learner's Permit training program, which I designed and which had proven success helping many residents of Baltimore City change their lives for the better.

I'm currently living in western Montana, serving as a farmhand at a permaculture learning institute. I supervise the other workers and develop the day's schedule, focusing both on immediate needs as well as long-term planning and goals.

Here, we focus on sustainable, non-toxic building and gardening techniques that eschew plastics, petroleum products, and other various and sundry toxic gick. A day could include anything ranging from planting seeds or harvesting crops, to creating wood-burned signs, to making cob and repairing farm-yard hydrants. I enjoy putting my hands in the dirt, and in this day and age I don't really want to be anywhere else.

Some of my other interests are included above. Feel free to click on a link to learn more. Thank you for visiting...!

I've recently "rolled back" this website to a static, brutalist web design. I hope to make it simpler, though there are still some growing pains. Consider this website "under construction."

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